Add Value and Close More Spa Sales With SpaScenes!

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Add value and close more sales with SpaScenes!  

In the "minds eye" of your customers, does your spa package really look that different than your competitors package? Make it stand out by converting that drab underside of any spa cover into a unique and custom tropical surround and create a whole new experience for your spas.

Bring more value to your spa packages and to your customer’s dream of a trutly relaxing “backyard vacation paradise” by customizing each spa cover to create a unique hot tub experience. Stand out from the competition with SpaScenes Hot Tub Murals.

Ugly Spa Covers are now a thing of the past.

Everyone would admit that Spa covers are not pretty. Even when they are new, they are a major "let down" to new spa buyers. Having a big gray blank panel looming like a "rain cloud on a vacation" is simply not what people envision when they pictured their new back yard escape. Have you noticed that you (almost) never see an open spa cover in hot tub advertisements, well that's the reason. And it gets worse, as any one with a hot tub knows, within months, the covers begins to stain and discolor making it even more of a distraction.  Until SpaScenes, that's just been "The way it is" and customers simply had to put up with it. Now you can offer your customers a unique and "custom" solution to create that perfect backyard paradise for every customer.

Visual Therapy for the Mind and Sole

Dealers tell us that today more than ever, spa buyers are seeking the soothing, relaxing thermal and therapeutic backyard oasis that will improve health, wellness and quality of life as families spend more time at home.
In this quest, they are looking for the best value, through quality products, great support and an exceptional backyard experience i.e.: they look for the best price on what they want, not necessarily the lowest price they can find. 
This gets to the heart of what really drives the purchase of a hot tub in today’s economy… emotion. The emotion surrounding the expected experience and improvement to the quality of life your customer envisions for their backyard escape.
At the core of all emotion is our senses .… feelings, sound, taste, smell and sight. We all know that changes to any of these can change our emotion. This is the reason that water falls, built in music systems, multi-colored lights and scented oils are so popular with spa buyers. But what about the cover? The big, ugly gray cover? The 800 pound gorilla in the room? This is the "anti-emotion" that can de-rail a spa sale.  The visual impact of SpaScenes is spectacular and provides exceptional value and an unmatched atmosphere. No other product can change the hot tub experience as dramatically as SpaScenes and as such a low cost.

So, for dealers who understand the difference between value and price, then the visual impact and value of SpaScenes will set your spa package apart from the competition in a way never before possible.

Gain a Competitive Advantage!

In today's spa market, it is more important than ever to have a unique competitive advantage. Ugly gray spa covers have long been a problem without a solution and they only stain and become even more unsightly as they age. Solving this problem and offering a custom solution is a significant competitive advantage. SpaScenes fit on any New or Existing spa cover and truly enhance the spa experience you bring your customers.  Additionally, becoming a SpaScenes dealer will help your business in many ways:

  • Enhance In-Store Spa Displays: Enhance the display of your primary spa product line by creating a unique spa setting with each spa. This is great for “wet rooms” or "Test Soak" spas. Set the perfect mood for potential customers to enjoy knowing they can take that experience home.
  • Home Show Exhibits: Enhance your displays at Home Shows, Fairs, and Special Events and draw customers into your dispaly.  And since SpaScenes will work on any existing spa, they are a great accessory for any current spa owner. Capture your competitors' customers and “Drop-ship” sales directly from sales at home shows.
  • Value-Add to Close More Sales:  Big ugly gray covers have long been a let down for new spa owneres. SpaScenes will turn that objectionable gray cover into the benefit and get consumers to better envision their backyard paradise. With SpaScenes, you can eliminate the "Gray Cover" issue with an affordable solution that will inspire your customers and set your spa package apart from the competition.
  • Service Department: Because SpaScenes will work on any existing spa cover, every spa you service is a potential new SpaScenes application. You can now refresh the spa experience for all your service customers.
  • Installation Service: Although SpaScenes are designed to be easily installed by consumers, many dealers offer installation as an additional service. It's not hard and only takes about an hour, but many consumers find this valuable especially when buying a new s.

The "Spa-Scape" Solution In A Box! 

As a dealer, ask your self this... "when deciding to purhase a hot tub, do my customers envision a huge gray, stained and faded cover panel as part of their ideal tropical backyard paradise?" ..... If you are truthful with yourself, you may have already answered your own questions. 


Every new spa buyer makes a significant investment even before they buy a spa.  The deck, patio, landscaping, electrical, outdoor lighting or even adding a patio door where there was not one before. All of this is an investment to create a unique backyard "paradise" at appeals to individual customers.


Not everyone can spend thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars to "spa-scape" their new hot tub, deck, patio or backyard. And even for those who can, no matter what they do, the ugly gray cover will come between them and their environm. With SpaScenes you can provide an affordable "Spa-Scape" solution that can help create that unique experience or enhanse any backyard landscape enviroment. 


SpaScenes become a nessessity if your goal is to create a truely unique hot tub experience for your cusomer. Like LED lighting and "water features", SpaScenes appeal to the visual senses that inspire emotion and create an "environment" the spa owners can visualize in your store and take home to their backyard. In this scense, SpaScenes are a must, because let's face it, after your customer spends $6k-$10k or more on a hot tub, the ugly gray cover bottom is definately not what they first envision as their unique backyard vacation experience.


See our "Testimonial" tab on the home page of this website and see what spa owners have done. It's truly amazing!  


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