What Makes SpaScenes So Special?

Chemist on staff

SpaScenes hot tub murals have been designed, developed and tested specifically for the unique and extreme chemical envionment found in spas and hot tubs.


We manufacture SpaScenes with only the highest quality, heavy duty 17mil., re-enforced, outdoor vinyl and the most durable and proven ink sets available. Our Chemists have spent years extensively testing numerious formulations and combinations of materials in real world applications and in third-party industrial testing laboratories to simulate long term environmental exposure at extreme conditions and levels never before done on printed graphics.


The results is a material formulation that has proven durability and colorfastness for over 4 years*  in a hot tub /spa chemical envionment.  No other graphic, anywhere, has even been tested, let alone proven to hold up to this kind of testing rigor.


SpaScenes are the worlds only artwork Designed, Tested and Proven for the hot tub environment: 

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Extremely Chemical Resistant
  • Highly Tear Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Shrink Resistant
  • Proven in both hot and cold environments.

We are committed to use only the very best materials available and create the highest performing products possible at all times. And we don't stop there, we have a commitment to continuous product improvement, as a result we are always researching and testing new technologies, chemical formulations and material specifications that will extend product performance in every hot tub application.


* Conditions in actual Hot Tub and Spa environments vary widly depending on how well the water is maintained and chemically balanced by the owner. Every effort is made during testing to simulate and exceed the harshest expected conditions and exposure levels of all chemicals and water conditioning technologies found in today's spas and hot tubs. The manufacturer acknoledges that not every potential condition can be anticipated or reflected in controlled testing environments. Actual performance results may vary.