Turn Your Spa Cover Into A Unique Tropical Surround!

SpaScenes™ Hot Tub Cover Murals™ mount to any new or existing cover to transform the drab, stained underside into a beautiful and unique tropical experience.  Add a SpaScenes to your spa and complete your vision of a true backyard oasis! 

  • Very Affordable
  • Extremely Durable
  • Easy to install - no special tools
  • Interchangeable - removable
  • Fits any size or shape up to 95” wide

The Ultimate Hot Tub Accessory!

Customize your hot tub cover with SpaScenesTM Hot Tub Cover MuralsTM and create the ultimate hot tub environment that will totally change how you experience your hot tub or spa.

Attach to Any New or Existing Hot Tub Cover: Say "Good-Bye" to your ugly spa cover and create the unique "backyard Vacation Escape" you've always pictured. Whether re-freshing an existing hot tub or customizing a new purchase, you can now affordably create a perfect "excape" in your own backyard.  Easy to install on any hot tub cover, you'll never have to look at an ugly spa cover again, you will enjoy your hot tub experience like never before possible.

Turn Your Cover Into A Unique Privacy Screen: Most people like the privacy that the open spa cover provides, but hate the fact that it looks so bad when it's open. Ugly and stained, it really detracts from the hot tub experience. Now you can convert your ugly hot tub cover it into a unique privacy screen for the ultimate hot tub environment in any deck or backyard.  Create that perfect setting with a waterfall, beach or sunset that creates the ultimate hot tub environment without spending thousands on landscaping.

Parrot Heads & Hot Tubs: Inspired by the island music of Jimmy BuffetTM and the Parrot HeadTM life style, SpaScenes was created specifically for hot tubs so everyone can create a custom and unique environment on their hot tub at an affordable price.  

We've loved the tropical, laid back lifestyle for years and after investing over $10k on our hot tub we were excited to have our own tropical escape where we could "chill". However, the big, ugly cover loomed over our hot tub "staycation" like a rain cloud. So we created SpaScenes to create the ultimate hot tub experience with the feel of the tropics that we originally envisioned. Now anyone can add a little island paradise to their life. No self respecting Parrot HeadTM with a hot tub should be without one! - Phins Up! 

Select the SpaScenes Mural That's Right for Your Spa: SpaScenes murals are available in two product formats, Panoramic or Full-View depending on the cover lift system you have. The determining factor is simply how high your cover rests above the spa when it's open. To determine which format is right for your spa or hot tub,  View the product tabs above, read the descriptions and measure how much of the cover you see when it's open. It's that simple.

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